We are 11pm:

We are 11pm:

The Next Generation Investment Research Platform for Web3

We help you conduct qualitative due diligence on Web3 assets


What we do:

We want you to help you conduct the best due diligence on Web3 assets possible: We use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to extract insights from text based information across the Web, building insights about Web3 projects across the following four categories:



Assessing the Credibility, Composition, and History of Fraud of Web3 project Teams


Macro Conditions:

The Macro Conditions a Web3 asset faces, such as the price of a layer 1 token, politics, foreign and domestic policy, and other factors the Web3 asset lives in affects price


News & Headlines:

Deploying tools to assess how news and economic reports affect price


Custom Indexes and Charts:

Key domain specific metrics that do not fall into the previous three categories but affect price


How we do it:

An overview of our tech stack:

Our Technology:


Vested | An 11pm Story:

This is our blog. We hope it adds as much value to you as it takes us time to write them


Our values:

We aim to the best of the best and have a good time while doing it

Happy people equals profits, but profits don't always equal happy people

Make sure we know the difference between capturing value and adding to people’s lives. We want to keep that front and center when making difficult decisions as a company

Live in reality:

  1. Reality starts with other people, not with your perception of them. We embed that into how we build products
  2. Test everything, don't just have an opinion without testing it and think you're correct
  3. Living in myth land = mythical results

Do the work

We will take hard workers over talent every day of the week

We have the tools to train you, and the know how to guide you to learn, but they one thing we cannot replace is your approach to work. Meet us there and we will teach you the rest

Have strategic optimism:

We want the quality of our work to support our optimism. We want our people to be level headed about how good we are, so they can clearly see where we need to improve and not live in a bubble.

Don't assume smart people will always be smart

Don't overestimate your own abilities or the abilities of this company just because you or we have had success in the past, doesn’t mean we will have success in the future. Every day is day 0 (thanks Jeff)

“Just come in my office” work culture

Open communication = finding problems faster = better operations = increased decision making capabilities = putting ourselves in positions to capitalize on opportunity = profits




Investment Research Platform for Web3 powered by Deep Learning